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Rupalavanya is a captivating performer who has won the hearts of audiences around the nation. After studying performance art, Rupalavanya has worked tirelessly to develop a unique style and technique, as well as to collaborate on various projects with artists from around the country. She has been fortunate to work with innovative performers in the field and is constantly on the search for new and exciting opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration, style & work that drives Rupalavanya to her artistic explorations, get in touch to learn more.

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Rupa’s deep rooted passion for the performing arts is undeniable. She has been involved in major roles for many productions as well as overseas performances. She was formerly trained under the faculty of dance in SOTA (School Of The Arts, Singapore).

Her forte has always been classical Indian dance, but over the years she has broadened her learning journey to a different level, taking up other genres such as Classical Ballet & Modern Contemporary. Having a good foundation as a stage performer over the years has moulded her to better understand the aesthetics and dynamics of being a stage performer. Rupa also has a wealth of knowledge in roles such as directing, stage management, costumes/props mistress and effective marketing/fundraising.

Rupa aspires to educate and inspire fellow dancers/young talents through her journey as a growing artist.



As a professional performer, Rupa has garnered many years of experience. She is adept at brainstorming creative, new ideas with clients and collaborators, and then using her professional experience to create breathtaking performances. Get in touch today to learn more about Rupa's choreography services.

Coaching & Training

Rupa sees performance as not only a profession but also a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference. At a young age, this artist began viewing performance as a way to help others express their emotions, challenges, and adversities. Rupa coaches beginners from all age groups starting from the age of 6 all the way to 60.

Youth Workshops

There is no better way to spread arts and performance than to be a part of it yourself. Rupa also actively conducts youth dance workshops to encourage fitness and promote active youth spirit. Students get a hands on experience learning and exploring their own potential with their friends.



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